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YOUTH SERVICE CENTER - 청소년들이 사랑을 실천하는 곳


Brief History

Feb. 1996

Establishment of youth volunteer centers was decided by the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

June. 1996

The Korea Youth Volunteer Center(KYVC) was established at the Korea Institute for Youth Development(KIYD) in Seoul.


Local youth volunteer centers in 7 major cities and 9 provinces were opened.

Feb. 1998

The National Council of Youth Volunteer Centers was established at the Korea Youth Volunteer Center in Seoul.


  • To provide information on volunteer service for the youths
  • To develop programs for the promotion of volunteer activities throughout the country
  • To train leaders for youth volunteering
  • To contribute to the advancement of community service through development of volunteerism in Korea

Maior Activities

Research and Development

  • Survey on voluntary activities in Korea
  • Development of youth volunteer programs
  • Development of various manuals
  • Policy development

Promotion of Volunteer Activities

  • Introduction of youth volunteers to various organizations for service
  • Providing information on Youth volunteer services
  • Developing various fields for volunteer service
  • Training youth volunteers
  • Training volunteer leaders
  • Training school teachers

Public Relations and Cooperation

  • Promoting public relations for advancement of public recognition
  • Publishing manuals for youth volunteer institutions
  • Publishing newsletters for youth volunteer institutions
  • Holding youth volunteer exposition and volunteer festival
  • Cooperation with other youth volunteer centers
  • Exchanging information at of nation and international levels

Computer Network for Volunteer Service of Youths

  • Recording volunteer service through computerized system
  • Establishing data base programs on youth volunteers
  • Information service through personal computers, etc.
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